invisible fixing for wooden terrace by clip

Fastening with clips for wooden decks is a subject that generates a lot of discussion among wood professionals and DIY enthusiasts. Some consider this method to be the best, while others consider it to be inappropriate.

At VETEDY we are manufacturers of three invisible fixing systems and we understand your concern, see reluctance regarding this type of fixing. Some professionals or individuals may have had bad experiences with large distributors in the past or may have simply read biased articles on the wood deck market.

In this article, we will therefore explore the advantages and disadvantages of invisible clip fixing for wooden decks and give our point of view on this question, finally providing our opinion with our system.

patented softline clips

Since 1999

Advantages of clip fixation in general:

  • Ease of installation: The clip fastening is easy to install, as you simply slide the clips between the wooden boards and attach them to the structure below. This avoids having to drill holes in the wooden slats, which can damage them and reduce their lifespan.
  • Clean Appearance: Clips (depending on systems) are invisible, giving your deck a clean, crisp finish.

Disadvantages of clip fastening in general:

  • High cost: Clips can cost more than other fastening methods, which can make the total cost of your deck higher.
  • Reliability: If the clips (depending on materials) are not installed correctly, they may fail and allow the wooden slats to become deformed or come off.


In general, we consider that the fastening by clips which has proven its worth for a few years is a more than viable option for wooden decks, provided that certain precautions are taken to guarantee their long-term performance, which is why we offer training days to pose and become familiar with our products techniques as well as installation accompaniments.

Documentation and complete videos are also available in several languages ​​on our website in the download center section.

wood Wakeup call !!

Wood is a natural material that is subject to movement due to the absorption and release of moisture. When it is humid, the wood can absorb moisture from the surrounding air and expand. Conversely, when it is dry, wood can release moisture and shrink. This movement can cause cracks, splits and warping of the wood planks. It is important to consider these natural movements when designing and building a wood deck, and to use proper fastening methods to allow the wood to expand and contract without being damaged. Thanks to the clip in technical composite material, the Softline clips are both able to hold the board well but also to allow it to vary dimensionally in width. This technical prowess allows the board to limit the phenomenon of curling and/or camber.

Some types of wood are better suited for fixing with clips!

Wood flooring that uses screws restricts the wood’s natural movement by holding it firmly in place. This may seem like an effective solution to prevent warping and cracking, but in reality it can cause more damage to the wood in the long run.

The screws prevent the wood from freely expanding and contracting, which can cause internal tension in the wood slats. Over time, this tension can lead to cracks, tears and warping of the wood. In addition, the screws can sag or deform under the effect of tension, which can make the terrace unstable and dangerous in use.

Intervention of our composite Softline clips!

The unbreakable composite Softline clips are the result of careful consideration of several years of experience! It has been thought out and designed in a durable, unbreakable and flexible enough material so as not to be altered and above all to respect the natural properties of wood. We explain to you in detail!

laying direction of the softline clip for wooden deck clips
Spaces that allow our woods to breathe are circled in green

Vetedy offers since its creation in 1999, a complete system including the fixing system, the high quality wooden planks which constitute the decking. This invisible fastening system allows the boards to breathe while providing your terrace with flawless solidity! The gaps of a few millimeters on either side of the clip and its flexibility allow the wood to work as it should.


The composite tongue and groove from VETEDY is an innovative solution for wooden decks. It makes it possible to make a perfect junction between the wooden planks of your terrace, thus guaranteeing a uniform surface! without! plane helix boards thus limiting twists at the head of the board.

This tongue is designed with a composite material that offers exceptional resistance to weather and extreme climatic conditions. In addition, it does not require maintenance, which makes it ideal for owners concerned about the durability of their terrace…

COMPOSITE TONGUE GROOVES for wooden deck board
Our composite tongue which allows a perfect junction between each blade and which limits its movements.

Clip fastening? Conclusion

From experience, we now know that professionals who have tested VETEDY’s wooden decking systems adopt it forever. It has become an essential choice to offer a beautiful stable, durable terrace, without visible screws in all serenity.

Ultimately, the choice of attachment method remains a personal choice. Depending on the durability desired for your wooden deck, it is important to choose a system that has proven itself over many years.

Our goal is clear: to be one of the leaders in the wooden deck market!

teak terrace around a swimming pool with fixing by clips
Teak terrace laid by La in Luxembourg

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