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Easy. Modern. Invisible.

Techniclic, a modern wooden cladding system with invisible fixation.

Easy. Modern. Invisible.

The Techniclic system allows the covering of exterior facades, ceilings and interior walls with wood fixed with hidden fasterners.

Installed horizontally or vertically, with more or less space between the planks, the system is available in different widths of boards and wooden species.

3 boards widths.

Thanks to its patented clips and its modularity, the Techniclic system makes it possible to vary the widths of the boards on its wooden front.

Available in 60, 100 or 140mm, Techniclic cladding boards mix together to create an unequaled and aesthetic facade style and this always without screws.

Mix, Mix and Mix.

There are 4 possibilities of spacing between the boards

Thanks to the spacer, a simple accessory that clips itself onto the fastener, it is possible to space up the boards with 3 additional widths.

  • 4 types of spaces available (possibility to mix)
  • Contemporary / modern effect
  • Ventilation of the cladding
  • Accentuation of the openwork character

In all directions.

Vertical, horizontal, diagonal…it’s up to you.

One of the big advantages of the Techniclic wooden facade system is the possibility of orienting the boards in any direction. This flexibility is unique because it does not require any additional accessories beside the sapcers and still allows a premium rendering without visible fixing.


  • Quick

    Very fast installation of the cladding

  • Modular

    Thanks to the 3 installation directions, the 3 widths of boards, the 4 possible spaces between them and the various wood species, the Techniclic system is ultra modular.

  • 100% invisible

    The boards are attached 100% invisibly.

  • Interchangeable boards

    Each board can be removed and/or replaced independently.

  • Complete system

    Vetedy supplies the fasteners and the cladding boards and thus ensures the compatibility and quality of all the cladding components.

Types of wood

* Non-contractual photos

  • Nordic Pine

    20 x 60/100/140 x 2000/2400 mm

  • Siberian larch

    20 x 60 x 2000/2400 mm

  • Jaya

    20 x 60/100 x 2000/2400 mm

  • Ayous

    20 x 60/100/140 x 2000/2400 mm

  • Ash

    20 x 60/100/140 x 2000/2400 mm

  • Padouk

    20 x 60/100 x 2000/2400 mm

  • Teak Unijoint

    20 x 60/100 x 2000/2400 mm

The advantages of our selected woods

  • Durability class 1
  • Class of use 4 and/or covering class 5
  • Naturally durable wood requiring no treatment
  • Selected for their natural stability
  • Choice of selected wood, premium quality.
  • Kiln Dried (KD) wood 13% (+/- 2%)
  • 100% natural wood, no processing
  • Wood certified FSC, VLK, IBAMA, OLB and/or with EUTR FLEGT certificates.

Examples of achievements with Techniclic

Get inspired with our inspirational photo library

  • See the project
    Beautiful Egyptian villa with Techniclic wood cladding system
  • See the project
    Technical wood facade in Techniclic Jaya from the Vetedy factory in Belgium
  • See the project
    Premium wood cladding for the shooting range of the Luxembourg National Police
  • See the project
    Superb Omniwood building in red tinted padouk with Techniclic invisible siding system
  • See the project
    An ultra-design facade window with the Techniclic Padouk wood cladding system
  • See the project
    Incredible wooden Jacuzzi in a luxury house in Romania made by Floors4You with integrated LED’s
  • See the project
    Electric garage with a wooden covering without visible screws with the Techniclic system by Vetedy

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