About Vetedy Luxembourg

Who we are and where we are going

Discover the history, the philosophy and the commitments of Vetedy, a family business present at the four corners of the world.

Vetedy is a manufacturer of high quality wood decking and cladding systems

Vetedy in a few words

VETEDY is the creator, manufacturer and owner of the Softline & Technideck decking systems and Techniclic cladding systems.

The three systems with invisible fastening have proven their technicality, durability and precision over the years since Vetedy was founded in 1999.

Today, VETEDY is a family group with an international dimension, present troughout the world: Luxembourg, Belgium, Cameroon and Indonesia.

vielle photo du patron de vetedy posant une terrasse avec la fixation vetedy

The beginning of the story

In 1998, the founder of Vetedy was asked by an architect to design a “garden floor” and realized that there was no decking system with hidden fasterners on the market.

At the request of the architect, a resinous wooden deck is then installed at the client’s place, all of course fixed in the traditional way with screws. Dissatisfied with the results and convinced that the term garden flooring makes sense, Vetedy was born on 20/12/1999. Many months of research and development followed in order to invent a system that would allow the deck boards to be fixed invisibly like a parquet floor.

Vetedy’s objective was twofold: to create the need for garden parquet (called decking) and to make the product as noble and durable as indoor parquet. At that time, Vetedy, composed of the first two letters of three names that are certainly not insignificant (Veronique, Terry and Dylan), simply wished to meet a local demand but very quickly, several customers convinced the founder to see further, bigger.

terrasse en bois exotique sans vis pour un bel hotel par style design

Vetedy’s international development

First international exhibition, first success. The idea of developing Vetedy internationally takes shape. Thanks to a lot of research, exchanges and especially the support of a person who has made Africa his passion, the idea of associating wood with the fastening system starts to make sense. It was especially important to find wood species that are naturally durable for outdoor and above all have an exceptional stability to overcome the constraints of an hidden and non-mechanical fixing.

After several conclusive tests, Vetedy decided to set up in Africa in order to control the quality of its wood supplies. In parallel, a small makeshift production workshop at the back of a carpentry shop is set up and a partnership with a plastic-composite injector is established for the production of the fastening clips. It is after long months of research, tests, doubts but above all perseverance and determination that the Softline system was patented in 2001. The promotion of a complete decking system with hidden fasteners then took off.

The pursuit of internationalization and expansion of the product range

The growing demand for Softline decking has led to the need of diversification of the supplies and, above all, an expansion of the range. Thus, Vetedy decides to establish itself in Indonesia and to build its production plant in Belgium.

A few years later, the Techniclic product, a hidden fastening system for wood cladding, the little brother of the Softline system, was born. The cladding solution is a big hit with Vetedy’s current customers.

The latest innovation is the Technideck, an intuitive aluminum decking system that has all the qualities needed to revolutionize the decking world once again.

  • Historical launch of the company Vetedy in 1998 by Patrick DEUMER


    The very beginning of the story….

    It was originally a request for flooring for a garden that the idea of creating a decking system with invisible fasteners crossed the mind of entrepreneur Patrick Deumer.

  • Signature of the contract of the company Vetedy in 1998 by Patrick Deumer


    Creation of Vetedy Luxembourg S.A.

    Very quickly, the idea became a reality and a company was created. The historical activity of sales, installation and renovation of parquet is dissociated to create Vetedy, manufacturer of hidden fastening decking systems.

  • The first ever clip of the Softline Vetedy system in 2000


    Development of Softline

    After 2 years of research and long discussions with partners and customers, Softline was developed.

  • Laucnh of the Vetedy system in 2001 by Patrick DEUMER


    Registration of the Vetedy brand and official launch of Softline

    The first Softline projects are finally born and the Vetedy brand is registered for international development.

  • Deposit of the softline patent system by vetedy in 2003


    Filing of the Softline patent

    After only 2 years of local sales and presentation of the product to a few international prospects, the system is showing its full potential worldwide. It is then necessary to protect the concept at all costs.

  • Launch of the Vetedy Factory in belgium in 2005


    Construction of the Vetedy Belgium production plant

    Victim of its success, Vetedy invests in the construction of a 1900m² building, conceptualizes and implements a fully customized automated production line.

  • Launch of the vetedy factory in Cameroon in 2008 by Patrick Deumer Exotic Sawmill


    Constitution of Vetedy Cameroun

    Construction of a sawing workshop in Cameroon to ensure our supplies and to ensure a strict follow-up of the routing of our wood.

  • Launch of the Vetedy Indonesia factory in 2008 by Patrick Deumer wood decking factory


    Incorporation of a partnership company Vetedy Indonesia

    In parallel to the investment in Africa, creation of a partnership to ensure our controlled supply of Asian wood species.

  • Vetedy introduce its new system of tongue and groove


    Tongue and groove system

    A major advance in the world of decking with the integration of a composite tongue and groove system for a perfect joint between boards.

  • Vetedy introduce is second new factory in Belgium in 2009


    Extension of the Vetedy Belgium production’s site

    Increase of the storage area by 2300m².

  • 2011

    Techniclic patent registration and official launch of the product

    The various vertical applications of the Softline system push us to innovate to facilitate the implementation on facades, walls and ceilings. The Techniclic cladding system is now available on the market.

  • Vetedy introduce new equipment of production in 2009 in belgium


    Simultaneous investments in various production machines

    Development of the land on 1500m² additional with the installation of a multi-blade, a new aspiration, a dryer with autonomous boiler and a planing line to be totally independent in the manufacture from A to Z.

  • Vetedy introduces its new cladding premium wood system 2014


    Techniclic patent registration and official launch of the product

    In order to give free rein to architects’ imaginations, Vetedy has added the spacer to the Techniclic range, a small accessory that allows them to play with the spacing between boards.

  • vetedy inaugurates its new facotry estate


    Construction of the building “Vetedy II

    The success of the Vetedy products allows us to build the building named “Vetedy II”. It multiplies by two the production area.

  • Vetedy bought a new robot in 2018 for packaging of wood cladding and decking premium systems


    Innovation: new packaging line for the decking

    Vetedy innovates once again with the installation of an intelligent 4-axis robot surrounded by a packaging line for the creation of “parquet” type packages. This has allowed Vetedy to strengthen its position with its dealer customers thanks to the multiple advantages in terms of storage and logistics.

  • Vetedy launches its new prototype of technideck in 2020 a premium wood decking systems on an aluminium structure


    Research and development of the new Technideck product

    Containment did not get the better of Vetedy… The entire R&D team focused on the development of a new product

  • Vetedy introduces its new cladding premium wood system 2020


    Patent registration and official launch of the Technideck

    Official launch of Technideck in March 2021. In all, almost 3 years passed between the idea and the official launch on the market.

  • 2022

    Clips Softline 140

    Our Softline 140 clips which therefore allows our system to accept 140mm wide boards.

  • Vetedy is a manufacturer of high quality wood decking and cladding systems


    To be continued…


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