Technideck wooden deck

Intuitive wood decking system with fasteners
invisible fixation on aluminum structure

An ingenious system that is ultra fast, easy to install, invisible and durable.

fixation invisible pour terrasse en bois lambourde aluminum

100% Invisible. Fast. Rot-resistant

Technideck is a unique and complete wood decking system with 100% invisible fastening on aluminum structure.

It is the result of many years of research and development that combines the experience of Softline wood decking systems and Techniclic wood siding. This new process composed of clips pre-mounted on aluminum joists will allow you to install and build your wood deck in record time never equaled.

The systems designed by Vetedy have always advocated 100% invisible fastening: no visible screws for an outdoor deck made of wood only.

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Modular Wood Decks, Infinite Possibilities.

Technideck is the safe decking system that revolutionizes your outdoor projects.

The Technideck system has been conceived and designed for a quick and easy installation thanks to its unique patented clip and to the very few accessories needed to achieve any kind of finish without visible fixing.

This process made of aluminum and composite has been developed in such a way that it can withstand all climatic and mechanical stresses. The aluminum joists have an EPDM gasket that allows the Technideck decking system to be extremely quiet and smooth when walking.



  • Speed of installation

    Delivered with already pre-mounted clips in the aluminum joists and requiring very few installation accessories, the Technideck system is ultra fast to install without neglecting the technicality and durability of the deck.

  • Complete system

    Vetedy supplies the fastening, the structure and the deck boards and thus ensures the compatibility and quality of all deck components.

  • Removable

    The Technideck system allows a quick and easy removal of any board.

  • Durability

    The isolation of the board from the structure, the technical composite material of the fastener, the manufacturing process and the quality of the wood give the Technideck decking system an increased durability.

Types of wood

* Non-contractual photos

  • Cumaru Blondo

    20x100mm – variable lengths

  • Merbau

    20x100mm – variable lengths

  • Padouk

    20x100mm – variable lengths

  • Ipe

    20x100mm – variable lengths

  • Bamboo C-TECH

    20 x 140 x 1850mm

  • Ash

    25x140mm – variable lengths

  • Padouk

    25x140mm – variable lengths

  • Merbau

    25x140mm – variable lengths

The advantages of our selected woods

  • Wood of durability class 1
  • Class of use 4 and/or covering class 5
  • Naturally durable wood requiring no treatment
  • Selected for their natural stability
  • Choice of selected wood, A premium quality.
  • Dry wood KD 13% (+/- 2%)
  • Material pleasant to walk on, neither hot nor cold
  • Wood certified FSC, VLK, IBAMA, OLB and or with EUTR FLEGT certificates.

Examples of achievements with Technideck

Get inspired with our inspirational photo library

  • See the project
    Terrasse en padouk Nice pool in Malta full of wood padauk decking system by Vetedy Softline without screws
    A decking with stairs in Malta in Softline Padouk
  • See the project
    Vetedy softline system teak terrace finishing detail
    Detail of a Softline finish in Teak by Vetedy
  • See the project
    A new business park offers 400m² Softline deck to its tenants
  • See the project
    a little piece of heaven in germany on an incredible softlin wood decking padauk system made by Vetedy invisible premium decking
    Backyard decking in softline padouk at the Rosenpark Hotel in Marburg Germany.
  • See the project
    Nice backyard decking wood softline system padauk without visible fixations no screws by vetedy system in germany
    Padouk softline terrace on the backside of the Rosenpark Hotel in Marburg Germany.
  • See the project
    Wood decking system without visible fixations made by Vetedy on wood stairs in France
    Stairs in Softline Jaya by La Parqueterie
  • See the project
    Merbau rooftop in Indonesia exotical wood decking on a balcony with Vetedy softline system hidden fixings
    Breathtaking view for this Indonesian rooftop decking in Softline Merbau

Discover our Techniclic wood siding system

Discover Techniclic, our modern wood cladding system with modular and durable invisible fasteners.

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