Vetedy, manufacturer of wooden cladding decks with invisible fixing is proud to announce its investment in 1000 solar panels, marking an important step towards our commitment to sustainable development and energy efficiency.

As an environmentally friendly manufacturer, we are aware of the urgency of reducing our carbon footprint and promoting renewable energies. This major investment in photovoltaic panels underscores our commitment to a sustainable future and our contribution to the transition to a low-carbon economy.

Vetedy Group will take this opportunity to emphasize that the benefits of this investment are multiple. First, the use of solar energy to power our production operations will significantly reduce our reliance on traditional, non-renewable energy sources. This will reduce our greenhouse gas emissions, thereby contributing to the fight against climate change.

Among other things, the installation of solar panels on our production site will allow us to produce our own clean energy, thus reducing our long-term energy costs. This transition to renewable energy will help us improve our competitiveness in the market while strengthening our position as a sustainable company.

By investing in photovoltaic panels, we are also encouraging the adoption of clean energy sources in our local community.

Our concealed fastening decking and wood cladding production plant is proud to reach this significant milestone in our commitment to the environment and energy efficiency. We will continue to actively seek ways to improve our environmental footprint and help preserve our planet for future generations.