All about siding

What is clerestory siding?

Clapboard siding is a way of installing the siding boards with a certain amount of space between them. It is also called openwork siding, referring to the word “day” that is left between the boards. The openwork or clapboard siding has a more contemporary and modern style depending on the section of the boards and the spacing left between them. Visit our photo library to be inspired.

Why does wood siding turn gray over time?

The phenomenon of graying of a wooden facade is natural and inevitable. Any wood subjected to rain and UV’s turns gray. If you want to get a gray tint on your wood, there is no need to treat it.

If you wish to obtain or keep a brighter color of your siding, it is possible to treat it. In this case, please refer to a distributor listed here in order to obtain the right product for your needs.

How can I prevent my wooden façade from turning grey?

To prevent your wood siding from turning gray, it is necessary to treat it or place it on an area protected from rain (water in general).

Can siding be made with a custom color?

Vetedy does not offer pre-treated siding, but it is possible to treat your wood façade before or after installation.