Wooden terrace Softline

Wood decking system with invisible fastening

A sustainable, qualitative, simple but technical system,
proven and approved worldwide.

Terrasse en ipé bois exotique softline vetedy sans vis invisible

Invisible. Strong

Softline is a complete wood decking system with 100% invisible fixing invented, manufactured and patented by Vetedy since 2001.

Proven and tested by our partners around the world, the Softline system revolutionized the world of wood decking in the 2000s. The invisible fastener made of technical composite material combined with wood species selected for their stability and Vetedy’s own manufacturing process give the Softline system an extraordinary longevity.

Restaurant with exotic wood decking system without invisible screws in padouk

The choice of serenity.

Smooth and perfect finish

Our invisible method of fastening the boards to the joists, but also to each other, ensures a long life and a smooth and perfect finish, without splinters, for the greatest pleasure of walking on the wood with bare feet.

The Softline system is the assurance of having the quality of a parquet floor outside. The premium quality of our decks has allowed us to rename them “garden floors”.

From managed forests

Finally, our garden floors come from well managed forests of the world often labeled as FSC ® and OLB for the species of Africa, VLK for the wood of Indonesia and ibama, (office of forests of Brazil) for the forests of Brazil. The timber we import follows the EUTR/FLEGT regulation.

High quality wood decking – Softline

A revolutionary system for garden floors and pool decks.
The Softline fastener is a revolutionary system that allows for the installation of wooden boards without any visible screws, improving both the strength of the structure (no more weak points in the board or shearing of the screw) and its aesthetics, which have become perfectly homogeneous.

Our exceptional wood species: Padouk, Merbau, Ipé, Cumaru and Teak have been chosen for their technical characteristics perfectly adapted to the most varied and variable climatic conditions.

Our wood products, which are dried to an average moisture content of 13% (+/- 2%), are perfectly rot-proof (classe 1 of durability and classe of use 4-5) without any chemical treatment and are very stable regardless of external conditions. Padouk, an African species, was chosen for its exceptional technical quality and for its contemporary color. It is produced in Cameroon. The Asian essences are manufactured by us in Indonesia for Merbau and Teak. The Ipe and the Cumaru Blondo come from South America. We carefully select our wood species based on several strict criteria: their resistance, their place of origin, as well as the respect of the forests and their culture conditions.


  • 100% invisible fastening

    The decking as well as the belts and edges of the terrace are fixed in a 100% invisible way with the same fastener.

  • Complete system

    Vetedy supplies the fasteners and the decking boards and thus ensures the compatibility and quality of all the decking components.

  • Removable

    The Softline system allows for quick and easy removal of any board.

  • Durability

    The isolation of the board from the structure, the technical composite material of the fastener, the manufacturing process and the quality of the proposed wood give the Softline decking system an extremely increased durability.

  • Geographical compatibility

    Vetedy’s worldwide experience shows that a properly installed Softline deck following the installation instructions, is suitable for any geographical area.

Types of wood

* Non-contractual photos

  • Padouk

    20 x 100 x variable lengths

  • Merbau

    20 x 100 x variable lengths

  • Ipe

    20 x 100 x variable lengths

  • Teak

    20 x 96 x variable lengths

  • Cumaru Blondo

    20 x 100 x variable lengths

  • Padouk (new)

    25 x 140 x variable lengths

  • Merbau (new)

    25 x 140 x variable lengths

  • Thermo Ash (new)

    25 x 140 x variable lengths

  • Bamboo c-tech (new)

    25 x 140 x 1850

The advantages of our selected woods

  • Wood of durability class 1
  • Class of use 4 and/or covering class 5
  • Naturally durable wood requiring no treatment
  • Selected for their natural stability
  • Choice of selected wood, A premium quality.
  • Dry wood KD 13% (+/- 2%)
  • Material pleasant to walk on, neither hot nor cold
  • Wood certified FSC, VLK, IBAMA, OLB and or with EUTR FLEGT certificates.

Examples of achievements with Softline

Get inspired with our inspirational photo library

  • See the project
    Women chilling next to a nice pool with a perfect wood padauk decking in belgium by Vetedy
    A padouk softline deck that perfectly matches the stone slabs at the poolside
  • See the project
    Decking wood stairs in Padauk in france made by Olivier Depret without visible fixations
    Stairs in Softline padouk by Oliver Depret
  • See the project
    Beautiful wood bridge in ipe by Vetedy using softline decking system located in bali Indonesia
    Nice Jaya Softline bridge over a pool in Bali
  • See the project
    Beautiful view on a restaurant in Bali Indonesia with a wood decking softline merbau by Vetedy
    Softline merbau decking of a restaurant in Bali with a breathtaking view
  • See the project
    Wood Decking Ipé
    Beautiful Ipe balcony with the Softline decking system in Taiwan
  • See the project
    Incredible esplanade of the cinema of Montpellier in Softline Ipe by Côté Jardin
  • See the project
    Wood decking system without visible fixations made by Vetedy on wood stairs in France
    Stairs in Softline Jaya by La Parqueterie
  • See the project
    Wood padauk decking without visible fixations in Luxembourg on softline systems by Vetedy
    Small decking area in the city with padouk Softline decking
  • See the project
    Merbau rooftop in Indonesia exotical wood decking on a balcony with Vetedy softline system hidden fixings
    Breathtaking view for this Indonesian rooftop decking in Softline Merbau
  • See the project
    Incredible inside interior luxury pool in Indonesia with teak wood decking on softline system invisible fixation by Vetedy
    Warm teak decking without screws around an indoor pool in Indonesia
  • See the project
    car in a garage of a modern house with an exotic wooden facade in padouk
    Softline, Techniclic
    Softline wood decking and padouk exotic wood cladding for a beautiful house in Littuania.

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