How to install wood siding?

To best answer this question, refer to the installation instructions available here or to the installation instruction video available here.

Can I replace a siding board?

Yes, like the Softline and Technideck systems, the Techniclic allows the dismantling or replacement a board without dismantling the previous ones. It is fast and simple. Refer to the installation instructions or video for more information.

Do I need a leveled structure?

Yes, to facilitate the installation and to obtain an optimal result, it is essential that the unerstructure (battens) is leveled throughout.

What is the minimum height from the ground to the beginning of the siding?

The NF DTU 41.2 standard norm recommends a minimum space of 200mm between the ground and the beginning of the cladding to avoid premature aging of the siding due to splashing on the ground and water rising by capillarity.

What is the right spacing for my structure?

The Techniclic system requires a 500mm spacing for the joists. As the axis is the midpoint of the joists to another, the width of of the battens does not matters but it should be minimum 50mm wide.

What are the different finishing angles available?

The Techniclic system provides 4 possible corners:

  • The simple 45° angle that requires no accessories
  • The hollow angle which consists of a folded zinc profile allowing to have a re-entrant angle
  • The solid wood corner which consists of a wooden corner
  • The 45° angle with zinc profile that fits between the two 45° cuts
Why is it essential to follow the installation instructions?

In order to maximize the life of your siding, it is essential to respect certain Vetedy and European norms, in particular to ensure a good ventilation of the siding and to have a board junction on a batten, two of the most essential points to respect.

Which way should I install my siding?

The Techniclic system can be installed vertically or horizontally. Check out our inspirational photo library to help you make your choice. It is even possible to install the cladding obliquely according to the customer’s wishes. Vertical siding, however, will tend to bring a contemporary and modern effect to the building.

What are the main principles of installation?

There are several things to consider when installing your Techniclic siding. As with any siding, it is necessary to let the siding breathe. You must then take care to respect the distance between the joists in order to have each board junction on a fastening clip. Care should also be taken to start the cladding at a minimum height of 200mm from the ground.

Do I need a rain screen behind the siding?

It depends on the situation. If the cladding is not exposed to rain, it is not really necessary, but since the Techniclic system is an open joint cladding system, it is necessary to have a black background. The rain screen has the dual advantage of sealing the wall behind the siding and providing a solid black background.

If the siding is exposed to rain and the wall to which the siding is attached is not waterproof, it is necessary to install a rain screen. We recommend a rain screen in all cases.

What are the most common installation errors?

The most frequent error is the failure to respect the axis to axis of the substructure lathing, which must absolutely be 500mm.
Another common installation mistake is to begin the installation of the substructre lathing without previously having determined and fixed the corner of the siding first. It is indeed the type of corner which will determine the location of the first sub-construction batten and which will thus determine the distance and location (axis) of the rest of the structure.
Finally, a mistake we also notice is not pushing the clip all the way into the rail and against the previous board. It is important that there is no gap between the small lugs of the next clip and the previously installed board.