How long will my siding last?

The durability of your Techniclic cladding can be several decades. The very first thing to watch out for is the design of the building itself. A well thought out and well constructed building (according to the rules and norms) will allow a good cladding system to be applied with complete peace of mind.

The second thing to do is to respect the standards in force as well as the manufacturer’s recommendations. Vetedy has various technical documents to help you install your siding according to the proper rules.

Are your claddings guaranteed?

Our cladding has a warranty that applies to the products supplied by Vetedy. The fact that Vetedy provides a complete system allows you to refer to a single contact (your dealer) in case of problems (except for installation problems). For more information, please contact your nearest Vetedy distributor.

Are there any dimensional variations in the boards?

Wood being a natural material, it undergoes dimensional variations throughout the year according to the humidity and the ambient temperature. Vetedy’s cladding systems are designed to minimize these variations while allowing the boards to work freely and safely for the aesthetics and durability of your siding. However, a wood cladding is less likely to be subject to dimensional variations than a deck.