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VETEDY Group is the inventor, and sole manufacturer/producer of the exclusive Softline and Technideck systems, -a patented exterior flooring system, commonly known as decking, with invisible fixings.

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[b]今まで20年間、私達VETEDYグループは庭園やインテリアのため多種多様で特別な木質建材を販売して参りました[/b]VETEDY グループは2001年に、ノンビス工法ウッドデッキシステムSoftline(特許番号EP 1567731)の開発のおかげで、途方もない伸び幅で技術成長を致しました。そのシステムは極めて高い腐朽性、強度を誇り、またビス跡が見えないことにより美しい外観を作り出します。 More info

Notre usine de production à Weyler, Belgique





Innovation: a new product for Vetedy!

Innovation: a new product for Vetedy!

After many months of research and development, we are proud to unveil some information about our brand new and 3rd major product in the Vetedy range. We can already tell you its name… Technideck®.

The word Technideck® consists of the word “Techni” which comes from the technology of our Techniclic® siding system and the word “deck” which means “terrace” in English.

You have understood, the Technideck® system is a set of technical elements allowing the installation of a terrace fixed 100% invisibly on an aluminum structure.


Trend : People prefer houses with gardens to apartments after being confined

Trend : People prefer houses with gardens to apartments after being confined

“There was already a trend but, since confinement, the research criteria have changed radically. Future buyers prefer a green environment, far from large cities. ” according to a real estate specialist.


Misconception about wood #2 : “Woods brings fire risks”

Misconception about wood #2 : “Woods brings fire risks”

Wood has always been a fabulous fuel and everybody agrees to say that wood burns pretty good. Therefore, some people think having wood parts in their architecture may be an aggravating circumstance if unfortunately a fire would start. If wood burns, it will burn as fast as other materials and it’s safer than some  many materials. Like for example petrochimical materials which can be more flammable.

For further, some new treatments improves wood against fire making the wood fireproof and safe for consumers.

There are several standards regarding fire protection on wood. Everything will depend on where the wood is located and if its aging would be accelerated (for wood cladding).